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by Ideal Solutions Group
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ISG WOMS - Work Order Management System

ISG WOMS was originally designed, tested and implemented as our own system for client service management. Today it has become one of our best selling products with a growing implementation rate amongst service organizations.

Book your service technicians for an appointment to a client site through a sleek web based interface that integrates into an MS Exchange public calendar. Technicians can easily add items to a work order on site, print off a paper version of the work order for client approval. Once the work order has been completed and signed it is sent for management approval and billing. ISG WOMS has its own invoicing system and can also export into other accounting packages such as Business Visions, Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, etc.

ISG WOMS Key Benefits/Features
  • Effective tracking of work performed at client sites ensures that all work performed for any client is signed and approved by the client
  • Important information such as time in, time out, travel time and overtime are all tracked in work orders which ensures that clients are billed accurately for work performed
  • Cross referencing mechanism ensures that all invoices have references to the work order and detailed breakdown of work performed
  • Web based application can be hosted by Ideal Solutions Group or stored on a web server within your organization
  • Work Orders, Invoices and Reports all downloadable in rich text format, entire system is platform independent
  • Excellent built in reports to track work history, invoicing, etc, fully Integrated with Reporting tools such as Crystal Reports for design of custom reports
Join our expanding client base and try out ISG WOMS today. Contact us for more information or a demo.