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by Ideal Solutions Group

by Ideal Solutions Group
    Work Order Management System   
    BigBen Timesheet Application   
    File Management Transfer System   
    Data Backup Application   
    Deltek Vision   
Ideal Solutions Group wide-ranging line of software has been designed by industry specialists to effectivly meet the needs of business. Our software is backed by a 24 hour support team and a network implementation team that is unmatched by any. We are constantly improving upon our solutions to help enhance the ease, efficiency and accuracy of your work.

WOMS - Work Order Management System
  • A web-based work order management system including customer, employee, product, work order, invoice and accounts receivable database management with multiple tier user access
  • Tech service calls are booked into the system via web interface, appointments are booked in calendar and synchronized with MS Exchange Public Calendar
  • Work orders are completed digitally with products selected from database, prices and descriptions added / modified
  • Multiple platform use (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac) allows work orders to be printed onsite in rich text format and signed by the client
  • Management views work-order approves it and creates invoice
  • Invoices printed or displayed on screen
  • Invoice dispatching performed electronically for clients with access
  • Advanced Invoice tracking

BigBen Timesheet Application
  • Management of Client information with multiple projects or billing groups per client
  • Employee Job Codes are added to Client Projects or Billing Groups
  • Timesheet submissions approved by project manager or billing agent
  • Invoices printed directly from BigBen, or transferable to other accounting packages such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, etc
  • Excellent built in reports to track productivity, billing reports, invoicing, project billing status, etc, fully Integrated with Reporting tools such as Crystal Reports for design of custom reports
  • Built on trusted Microsoft Platform scalable to MS SQL Server
  • Can be used as an all-in-one enterprise tool for client project management, employee management, timesheet tracking and invoicing

File Management Transfer System FMTS
  • A web-based file management, file-transfer, and file repository system for remote users
  • Multiple tiered level of user control
  • No file-size limits, secure access, safer, less techinical and a more collaborative alertnative to a traditional FTP server
  • Client controlled hierarchal level of permissions and access
  • Secure transfer and tracking of all activity within the system
  • Tracking of usage statistics
Data Backup Application
  • A simple application to backup important data such as email.

Deltek Vision © Powerful Software for Project-Related Businesses
  • Deltek Vision incorporates critical business functions, including: resource management, project management, accounting, sales and marketing, time and expense capture, and billing. Combining innovative new technologies like Visualization, Deltek Vision is a unique, powerful solution that streamlines all facets of project-related businesses.