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ISG's IT Services All organizations, regardless of its size share a common goal: the need to realize a measurable return on investment.

Here at ISG, we strive to understand your mindset. Our technology experts are hired based on their ability to think like business professionals while rectifying daily issues. To help you achieve specific objectives, we put business objectives before technology. We then apply our integration expertise, knowledge and the appropriate emerging technologies to design, implement and support the solutions that address both your operational strategies and business goals.

Our services are fully integrated. We strive to provide our customers with the strategic advice needed to align technology and business milestones. This is followed by building, implementing and where appropriate, managing applications and infrastructure in a manner that delivers a long term return on investment. ISG accomplishes this task by applying intelligent business practices gained through our experience as professional services providers.

Global Networks
With access to infrastructure spanning the globe, ISG has the ability to connect your satellite offices together allowing you access to information across a Wide Area Network (WAN) safely and seamlessly. ISG offers a range of services referred to as Technology Solutions Offerings (TSO). These offerings cater to the demands of next-generation networks by giving you options for effective network monitoring, network hosting and for sharing services. Most importantly, our offerings provide a modular, carrier-grade communication platform that is highly scalable to help you acquire the best value for your money.

Key benefits as a result of our TSO's for you to take advantage of:
  • Better utilization of internal resources
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Greater focus on your business plans and revenue-generating activities
We simplify your choices. You may use our team as your primary provider or as a supplementary resource to your existing team within your organization.

How We Manage Your Global Networks
Our network monitoring team ensures efficient management of all our service offerings. By interfacing with many different devices within a single network, ISG's monitoring processes provides operational, configuration and maintenance capabilities at various levels. Having our data center team monitor multiple aspects of the network, we can meet the requirements of each component and optimize overall network performances.

In order to ensure dependable network operations that deliver maximum end-user satisfaction, the following standard practices are mandatory at ISG's data center:
  • Peak Optimization: A measure which allows us to maintain efficient network performance under all load conditions
  • Network Support: Addresses or prioritizes issues as they happen
  • Monitoring: Tracks and provides network availability data as well as network usage
  • Operations: Identifies issues on local access nodes and isolates network problems
  • Security: Protects the network by preventing unauthorized access to network