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IP Solutions
It is becoming more evident in these times that business dependability on network communications has vastly exceeded what they were only a few years ago. Research has shown that more than 90 percent of advertisements placed in national magazines include a Web address. Very often when we receive a business card, one of the first things we look for is an e-mail address. Business processes are becoming automated via software applications which rely on networks for functions such as order entry and tracking, customer support, supply chain management, and employee payroll. Due to these strong networking demands Virtual private networks (VPNs), for example, have been widely implemented to interconnect branch offices with headquarters, suppliers and in some cases key customers are increasingly included in these networks as well.

ISG's VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection-less packet-based service that allows private connectivity of multiple locations with the ability to interconnect a variety of access architectures and transport data. This service as illustrated in fig.1 below offers our customers the flexibility of connecting site office(s) using Internet Protocol Virtual Circuits over connections of varying transmission speeds ranging from 56 kbps upwards. Customers also get a view of network performance and can make configuration changes through online reports and customer care.

Figure # 1

Figure # 2

Benefits of a VPN Connection
  • A VPN solution minimizes the timeframe and complexity of physically building a customer's network
  • VPN are cost effective and easy to manage, as this service requires no CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) to initiate virtual paths between locations
  • Bandwidth options, quality of service (QoS) and classes of service are available for you to tailor the solution to meet your business needs
  • Distinguish your business from competitors, our VPN solutions allow for expansion of your private connectivity portfolio
WAN Solutions
As your business grows and the number of locations increases, ISG can connect all your offices together via a Wide Area Network (WAN). Whether you have 2 or 50 branch offices across Canada or around the world, ISG's WAN Solutions will enable your people and systems to communicate securely and effectively with one another.

ISG Managed Wide Area Networks solutions include:
  • Managed Server and Wide Area Networks
  • Managed Wireless wide Area Networks
  • Managed Desktop Solutions
  • Managed Data Traffic Solutions
Housing your servers in a good environment is crucial when it comes to having the peace of mind you need to focus on core competencies. By utilizing our data center, you leverage your equipment investments and save money.

Co-location is the term used for renting space in a data center to house your servers. Some of the things to consider when co-locating your equipment are:
  • Security of the facility
  • Power Management
  • Climate Control
  • Bandwidth allocation with the ability to increase based on your business requirements
  • Space
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Bandwidth Options
Internet connections can be established via 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet. We customize bandwidth allocation tiers to meet the specific needs of each customer.

For customers that require extra bandwidth, we then offer special pricing when prepaid at the beginning of the month. At ISG we use the most advanced tools for monitoring bandwidth utilization. Hence if estimating the approximate bandwidth required is difficult, we will simply structure bandwidth allotment according to consumption via our reporting process. Here at Ideal Solutions Group, we strive to give you maximum flexibility through customized solutions.

Bandwidth offerings include:
  • Dedicated: delivers maximum uncapped performance
  • Burstable: allows for great variations in monthly usage
  • Capped: designed for businesses with predictable usage
ISG ensures you get it all, with technical and friendly service at your disposal. You can benefit from our service packages if required with low maintenance fees.

Rack space is measured in standard units of rack space (U) and may be rented as a full or a half rack. You can purchase as many units (U) as needed, however the minimum rack space that can be rented is 22U, which equates to a half rack.
ISG also offers the service of leasing server equipment or procurement of server hardware and software for your operation.

Contact our highly trained staff to assist you in designing a system that is able to facilitate the needs of your company's growth which can be leased as a fully dedicated solution.