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ISG FMTS - File Management Transfer System

Is your organization constantly couriering over a disk to a client containing air photos, design files, Autocad drawings or other large files that are too large to email?

Traditionally, organizations were required to setup FTP servers to enable the transfer of large files to other parties. The problem with a traditional FTP server is that it is too technical for most users, requires an IT member to administer the server and leaves your network vulnerable if not managed properly. There is also no collaboration features built in to FTP such as notification that a file has been downloaded, notification that a file has been changed and much more.

ISG FMTS is a file management transfer system designed to handle intense traffic used by large organizations in file collaboration. ISG FMTS allows an organization to share large files without any limits to file-size. The administrative interface allows you to control who has access to what files and what types of permissions they have on a given file. Once a user has been added to the FMTS system he or she receives an email with the username and password. Similarly when a user has been granted permission on a file, they will be notified by email that they now have permissions to access a file. Any time a change is made to the file, all users with permissions on the file will be notified that a change is made. Also users are able to add comments to files, and file history tracks all the events of a given file.

By using web services for collaborative file transfers, FMTS allows you to keep your FTP ports closed on the firewall. The unique web based interface using all web standards makes it an easy to use system, far friendlier than an FTP alternative.

ISG FMTS Key Benefits/Features
  • Web based application can be hosted by Ideal Solutions Group or stored on a web server within your organization
  • Superior collaboration tools built into the system. Receive notification when your clients have viewed your files, receive notification when a client has updated the file, view comments posted from your client about the file
  • Unlike an FTP solution, ISG's FMTS, is a self managed system, requires no IT administrator to maintain
  • Unlimited user accounts, unlimited file-size uploads and downloads, scalable for the needs of any sized organization
  • ISG FMTS can be customized with your own corporate logo and branding
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