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Deltek Vision®
Win More Business

To win more business and drive future growth, firms need clear insight into which potential projects represent the best opportunities for their firm. Marketing and sales investments need to be made based on an accurate cost/benefit analysis. Deltek Vision includes everything you need to easily identify and manage opportunities, leverage critical client information to develop targeted marketing programs, and quickly generate proposals.

Client Relationship Management

Deltek Vision Client Relationship Management (CRM) automates the entire lead-to-execution project life cycle by encompassing all of the tools you need to win new business and strengthen existing relationships. Automate client and contact management, opportunity tracking, marketing campaign management, business development and activity management. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes® to facilitate more collaboration throughout the organization. With a single central source of information accessible to everyone in your firm, you are empowering your team to fully leverage their collective knowledge.

Services Estimating

Part of winning new business is ensuring that the project and services estimates that you produce are based on a sound analysis of the costs and the margins you are trying to achieve. In addition, managers need a tool to quickly produce accurate estimates and then turn those estimates into active plans once the work had been secured.

Deltek Vision’s Services Estimating capabilities simplify labor and expense estimating by automatically calculating project costs and margins. Integrated with Deltek Vision’s Resource Planning module, approved service estimates are seamlessly converted into an active project plan, thereby reducing input error and improving overall efficiencies.

Feature Benefit
Simplified labor and expense estimating With Deltek Vision, you can develop forecasts to internally determine project viability. Quickly deliver project estimates in a variety of formats that accurately reflect target revenue and margins.
Integration with Deltek Vision Resource Planning Minimize data entry errors and avoid redundancies
Simplify estimation-to-planning process.
Incorporated with Deltek Vision’s rate tables, including rate escalation calculations Easily analyze projections to determine optimal billing rates.

Proposal Automation

Empower your marketing and sales team to efficiently produce winning proposals that stand out from the competition — including custom proposals, RFP responses and government proposals. Ensure your proposals contain the most recent and relevant information by giving employees access to an up-to-the-minute central source of company boilerplates, metrics, résumés and more. Integration with Microsoft Word and desktop publishing systems ensures that proposals are delivered in a graphical style reflecting your firm’s brand. With Vision Proposal Automation, you can focus on perfecting a winning image rather than wasting valuable time searching through dated and irrelevant material.

Feature Benefit
Generate customized proposals Deltek Vision ensures consistency and fast creation of proposals and eliminates cut-copy-paste proposal creation.
Centralized content library With Vision, you can update content in one place to make it available for all proposals. Vision assures that proposals don’t accidentally include outdated and obsolete information culled from older proposals.
Integration with Microsoft Word and popular desktop publishing systems Deltek Vision works with the software that you already have to fit into your existing infrastructure.

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