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Deltek Vision®
Improve Business Performance

To achieve growth and profitability, you need real-time access to key business metrics and performance reports at the click of a mouse. Deltek Vision offers powerful tools that deliver the information needed to make critical business decisions.

Deltek Vision Visualization

Visualization is a powerful management tool that empowers businesses to take control of their data and quickly turn it into actionable information. A mission-critical technology in the financial services marketplace for many years, Deltek has harnessed the power of Visualization for the project-focused organization with the release of Deltek Vision 4, enabling engineering and architecture firms, IT services companies and management consulting firms to instantly discover trends and opportunities across their entire project portfolio.

Visualization provides a simple display that depicts mission-critical information about a firm's entire business including project performance, status, trends and risks using color and shapes to alert viewers of any performance issues at a glance, and allowing them to focus on the most critical issues.

Visualization gives you a one-glance assessment of overall business performance.

Feature Benefit
Graphical representation of project portfolio Deltek Vision gives business owners instant visual analysis of project trends and risks to facilitate decision-making, improve business performance, and align users around common goals.
"Drill down" performance metrics Vision's intuitive user interface highlights key indicators to determine project health and provide one-click access to details which allow you to pinpoint and quickly resolve root causes of issues.
Configurable views With Vision, it's easy to identify business trends in specific geographies, markets, and functions to determine future opportunities. You can measure project and employee performance across divisions or types of work to align resources around common objectives. And you can quickly identify cash flow risks, such as aged receivables and unbilled labor and expenses to maintain profitability.

Deltek Vision Dashboard

Deltek Vision includes powerful analytics and reporting that provides key stakeholders with real-time metrics that offers visibility into all areas of the organization plus the capability to drill-down to more detailed information.

The Vision Dashboard is a graphical entry point to your company's data that configures a single Web page with real-time information and tools to facilitate decision-making and alignment of goals. It includes "report dashparts" that allow users to display any number of live Vision reports within their dashboard. Report options can be set to automatically filter content according to user's access rights.

Pre-configured reports include: Key Financial Metrics, Top Performing Projects, Top Clients by Revenue, and a Forecast of Firmwide Resources in order to evaluate opportunities, manage resources, and monitor the overall financial health of their organization.

Deltek Vision Reports

Deltek Vision's interactive reporting environment allows users to access and analyze data -- from key financial metrics and project analysis to opportunity tracking and resource utilization -- tailoring each report to specific needs. The award-winning system includes more than 200 standard reports ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. This flexible reporting framework makes it easy to configure, preview, print and e-mail reports to share them with others in the firm.

Vision Reports are offered for all areas of the project-based business lifecycle for analysis and effective decision-making, including:

  • Business Development: CRM Reports offer the ability to track marketing campaigns, forecast and track opportunities, as well as profile clients.

  • Project Planning: Planning Reports deliver the data and metrics needed to forecast future performance.

  • Project Management: Project Reports provide end-to-end information about all aspects of projects currently in your portfolio.

  • Accounting: Accounting Reports deliver detailed business activity during any given period.

  • Client Billing: Billing Reports supply financial information needed to streamline customer invoicing and manage your cash flow.

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